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  About The School  

About Barnes Elementary

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School Mascot: Bobcat 

School Colors: Blue and White 

Student Population: Over 350 Students 

School Motto: PAWS on Learning! 

School Mission Statement: The mission of B.O. Barnes Elementary School is for all staff to teach at the highest level possible ensuring success for every student academically, physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Philosophy and Goals: The staff and students at B.O. Barnes Elementary School believe the atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground for student academic success. Our school strives to promote academic excellence in all students regardless of race, economic status and/or background. Barnes Elementary also takes great pride in endless possibilities with team effort. We can and will develop productive citizens from our students with the spirit of expectancy and determination. Our goal is enforcing academics to the fullest and instilling good character traits in our students. 

School History: B. O. Barnes Elementary School was originally built in 1961 with additions in 1979 and again in 1998. B. O. Barnes Elementary was named after Dr. Boisey Otha Barnes, who was a prestigious family doctor, civic leader and humanitarian in the Wilson community.  

School and Community: Boisey O. Barnes Elementary School is located on Highway 264 in East Wilson, North Carolina. The School was named in honor of Dr. Boisey Otha Barnes, a black doctor who was known throughout the community as a humanitarian and an outstanding civic leader. He was interested in helping others and worked to improve the living and educational conditions of Wilson’s citizens. Dr. Barnes died on April 24, 1956, at the age of 54. He was honored posthumously when the new elementary school was named in his honor. The original construction was a one-story brick structure. When its doors opened in 1961, the school served African-American children. At that time, it housed grades one through seven. In 1965, the integration process began in the elementary and high schools. A “Pairing Plan” was implemented in 1970 to facilitate integration within the Wilson County Schools. B.O. Barnes was then paired with Vinson-Bynum School to serve children in grades kindergarten through five. B. O. Barnes served students in grades kindergarten through second and VinsonBynum served students in grades third through fifth. In 1976, the Elm City School System, the Wilson City School System and the Wilson School System merged into one consolidated system. This change did not affect attendance lines for the school. The school grew under the leadership of several principals: Mr. Carl Hines 1961-1977, Mr. William Turner 1977-1979, Ms. Sudie E. Tomlinson 1979-1982, Mrs. Oneva F. Alston 1982-1989, Mr. Willie Woodard 1989-1994, Ms. Kaye Davis 1994-1998, and Ms. Terri R. Cobb 1998-present. A new wing was added to B. O. Barnes in 1979. The new wing provided nine new classrooms and two small workrooms. The lasted additions, completed in the summer of 1998, added yet another new wing to the school. This included 6 additional classrooms, a workroom,five new offices, a multipurpose room, a new media center, five small classrooms for special area programs, major revocations in the lunchroom, and major renovations to the office complex which included a SIMS office, a workroom, a conference room, a counselor office, a principal’s office and an assistant principal’s office. The physical changes made to the building in 1998 were done in an effort to accommodate the changes brought about by several Wilson County School Board initiatives. The Local School Board adopted a K-5 concept which changed B. O. Barnes from a school serving kindergarten through second grades to a school serving kindergarten through fifth grades. The School Board also adopted a Neighborhood Schools Concept as a result of community input. This required additional classrooms to accommodate the surrounding community. The total enrollment for the school changed from 460 in the 1997-98 school year to 620 as the doors opened for the 1998-99 school year.